Timeout was a prototype app made in collaboration with the R&D team at AOL. The primary goal of the app was to give users the ability to “lock” other mobile devices for a period of time. For example, it’s dinner time and a parent can’t get their kids to put down their phones and come to the table – a very real issue confronted by modern day parents! With Timeout, a parent can “lock” their kids devices with the flick of a switch. Unlocking is also just as easy. The main challenges surrounding this app were with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and hiding/unhiding a users apps on the home screen. The potential for something like this is huge and while the app we built worked, it wasn’t without it’s issues. The app remains unreleased, but development is complete.

Main features
  • Lock and Unlock child devices through Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Onboard other devices quickly via unique install links
  • Request release from a child device