Sover is an app built to “tear up” photos. Of course, it’s impossible to do this with a digital photo, so what Sover does is allow it’s users to tear a photo by drawing over it with their finger. In a way it’s gamified photo tearing! Once torn, a photo is saved to the users photo library. Sover also allows it’s users to repair previously torn photos. This works in a similar way to the tear process, but instead of tearing, the user can draw tape over the tear to give the illusion that it’s been repaired – it’s surprisingly fun! The app was built for a digital agency in Norwich, UK.

Features include
  • image manipulation, cropping, resizing
  • take photos or import from your gallery
  • ability to “tear” an image
  • ability to repair a torn image
  • social media integration
  • built using Swift
  • adaptive display for iPhone and iPad
  • intuitive UI and UX