Axon Vibe

During my time at Axon Vibe I was involved in a variety of different projects and exposed to a variety of technologies.

My primary responsibility was to work on and manage some of the internal testing applications that would run the SDKs that were being worked on by other members of my team. These SDKs were also being integrated into live client apps so it was essential we had an environment where we could mimic certain customer behaviours.

As well as integrating the SDKs that were being produced, I would also contribute code to the SDKs where necessary and perform code reviews on all the iOS projects. I was also heavily involved in researching new ways in which we could improve our app intelligence by using other smart phone sensors and looking into Motion activity.

The primary concern of my team while I was at Axon Vibe was the development of smart, unobtrusive location tracking technology coupled with machine learning to help make people’s daily lives easier.  It was an exciting time to be with the company and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.