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For a while now, I’ve looked to iOS newsletters for my weekly fix of whats new and shiny in the magic world of iOS and Swift development. If you do a quick search for iOS newsletters, chances are you’ll find a bunch. The problem is, not all of them are regularly updated. iOS and Swift development is fast paced and the only way to keep up is by subscribing to data streams that provide you with useful information, regularly. With that in mind, I recently realised that I now only read a handful of the 10+ iOS newsletters I subscribe to. I therefore decided to do a bit of spring cleaning…

My Top iOS Newsletters

This week in Swift

The first one I’d like to mention is run by @NatashaTheRobot and is called This Week in Swift. There is always at least one article worth reading, as well as the occasional video. She also recommends podcasts and throws in a bit of light humour. A must subscribe!

iOS Dev Weekly

The next one (and probably the most well known) in my list is run by @daveverwer and is called iOS Dev Weekly. Dave has been running this newsletter for a loooong time and has a lot of subscribers, and with good reason, it’s brilliant! He recently hired another 2 curators to help him out, which shows Dave plans to keep this running for a long time still to come. Always useful, always worth reading, another must sign up.

Swift Weekly Brief

The final one in my list is a newsletter focused around the Swift open source project and is run by @jesse_squires. Like the two above,¬†Swift Weekly Brief provides some nice links to worthwhile articles and news, but as a bonus, contains a section on commits and pull requests related to the Swift open source project on Github. It’s a great way to keep on top of what’s coming next in Swift, so it’s highly recommended if you write a lot. Even if you primarily code in Objective-C, I’d still recommend keeping an eye on what’s going on. Jesse also runs a weekly podcast called Swift Unwrapped which compliments his newsletter and goes into more detail on some of the weeks issues.

And that’s my top 3 picks! Did I miss any? If I did, let me know on Twitter @timrichardsn.


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