Why do I even have a blog?

Recently I asked myself, “Why do I even have a blog?”. It has occurred to me over the last half of the year that I’m truly terrible at keeping my blog up to date (I haven’t posted something in over a year!). There are various reasons/excuses for this, but mainly I just got out of the habit. That’s what blogging is, a habit. Something you have to do regularly in order to keep it up. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, I really do. But having not written anything for a while, I guess I just forgot about it entirely.

So why do I still even have this thing? What is my motivation to keep a blog? When I started my blog a few years back the motivation was clear. At the time, I was running my own business, so the motivation was to generate traffic which I could hopefully convert into freelance contracts. This actually worked for a bit, until I became too busy and stopped updating it. I also decided to take a break in January this year and go travelling for a while (South America is incredible by the way), so I had no reason to update my blog from a working perspective during this time. Plus the fact I was having way too much fun “finding myself” and finding out how to be “cool” from people half my age (apparently I’m not that cool because I won’t drink to the point where I can no longer speak).

I guess a good question to ask at this point is why am I even writing this post? My attitude towards my blog hasn’t changed from what it was yesterday, or even last week. It wouldn’t surprise me if I went another year without writing another post. Truth be told, I started writing this article with no title. I just opened up a blank document and started writing. Now I’m this far in, I’m starting to think a bit more about it and actually starting to enjoy it. That’s after only 10 minutes!

I suppose there isn’t must point to this article except to maybe make myself feel a bit better about having a blog. 1 post a year, that’s good enough…right?!

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